Lead Crystal Saddle Flasks are our speciality!

HoldHard Is The Ultimate Saddle Flasks & Leathergoods Specialists!

New hand blown bottles and / or tops crafted to fit your existing cases!

Bespoke Hand-blown Lead Crystal Saddle Flasks & Hand-Crafted Leather Cases

Traditional Lead crystal saddle flasks are our speciality.

We are suppliers of Bespoke Hand Blown Crystal saddle Flasks, both conical and rectangular.

They are hand crafted and housed in beautiful hand or machine stitched leather cases.

Hand-made stirrups and hand-sewn leatherwork

We create hand-crafted leather products, stirrups, belts and harnesses.

Hand or machine sewn, traditional finish,built 'inside-out' from Quality English Leather

Special 'drop-down' buckle for ease of remounting, on the 1.25" width only. Repair service available.

Innovative 'No Spill' funnels for filling of Saddle/Hip Flasks

Fill your flask without mess or waste using our innovative flask funnel!

Our sterling silver flask-filling funnels are both innovative and cleverly functional

They free-stand in the neck of the flask to be filled and allow air to escape whilst filling, preventing mess or wasted liquid.

Check out our shop for all your needs, white leather garter straps, black leather garter straps,brown leather garter straps, hunting crops, hunting whips, filling funnels etc.
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